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We believe clean air and surfaces are essential to a better quality of life throughout the world.

Puradigm® was established to bring proven products and solutions to global markets, with a focus on health and wellness for humanity. Our solutions have been proven and validated as some of the most effective in the market at reducing surface and air contaminants that can be dangerous to humans and animals. Through education, we help our customers understand global challenges and introduce solutions for creating safer (when used as directed) and cleaner environments.



The Puradigm® leadership team consists of scientists, engineers, innovators and business leaders with decades of experience in product design, engineering, manufacturing, and testing. This unique group of individuals have come together to deliver products and solutions to the global marketplace. The Puradigm team is creating innovative products that are scientifically validated for their effectiveness in the reduction of surface and air pathogens. In addition, our unique business model allows us to scale our operations around the world to better serve global customers.

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The Most Validated Purifier on the Market

Kansas State University Seal of Safety

The standard for food safety around the world.

Vatican Approved

Directive from Pope Francis leads to PURADIGM® installations at Vatican University

Vatican Approved

Directive from Pope Francis leads to PURADIGM® installations at Vatican University

Ankara Oncology Hospital

PURADIGM® shown to be 3 to 8 times more effective than cleaning at reducing pathogens in infected patient rooms.

MCR Indoor Growing

Bacterial counts reduced on organic produce while maintain the quality of plants and crop yields.

Illinois High School

PURADIGM® showed a 23% reduction in absenteeism. During COVID, the high school had over 90% less infections compared to average schools.

Illinois High School

PURADIGM® showed a 23% reduction in absenteeism. During COVID, the high school had over 90% less infections compared to average schools.

Infectious Disease Journal

Independently published, peer reviewed study highlighting PURADIGM®’s efficacy against RNA-based viral infectivity as well as infectious bacteria

our clients


As a mom of young kids, having the Zone in our home throughout the Covid 19 pandemic has given our family peace of mind. We feel confident that the air is cleaner and our family is leveraging cutting edge technology to ensure safety in environments that we can control.

Jamie - Ohio

We’ve been using the Zone for over a year now. We are lucky to have our grandchildren close so they visit often. We know they are exposed to many germs at daycare, but yet we have remained healthy all year. We can actually smell the difference in the air inside our house, especially after cooking fish and spicy food! Thank you for our Zone, getting it was one of our better decisions!

Becky - Delaware

In our hospitals, clinical facilities, inpatient and outpatient facilities we have not had a single patient or personnel catch the virus [Covid-19] while on site

Dr. Jawad Shah, MD Insight Institute of Neurosurgery

As a medical professional, the studies performed by the Kansas State University on H202, Ozone, GC-MS and pathogen reduction assures me the the PURADIGM technology has been sufficiently tested to meet the safety standards required for me to confidently recommend this to my patients. As a clinician I would never recommend a product that I personally did not believe was safe enough to use myself or for my family. So it is important for me to validate both the effectiveness and long-term safety of a product. My evaluation of the technology consisted of first installing the products in my own home and in our medical office where our staff works with hundreds of patients each week. Within a short time the staff and patients in our office noticed a tremendous improvement in the air quality and I personally saw a great improvement with my allergies. As a user of the technology for several years in my own home and in my medical office, I can personally verify the technology’s benefit and safety. As a medical professional I confidently recommend PURADIGM’s technology to all my patients and also to my other medical colleagues.

Kay Bradshaw P.A.C.

We are all anxiously concerned about… healthy buildings… and the Pope has given great impulse for us to do something. He is saying that the Catholic Church should lead by example and not simply give moral sermons to the world. What we’ve tried to do is improve the quality of the health of the buildings, and therefore of the students, with air purification systems by companies like PURADIGM.

Father David Nazar, SJ - Pontifical Oriental Institute, Vatican

First and foremost, thank you for introducing Triton Community Schools to PURADIGM Air Purification Technology. We were certainly interested in their air purification system being able to affect our absentee rate. After their technology presentation, we installed 39 of the PURADIGM 5” induct 750s HVAC units in the classrooms in the summer of 2010. By the end of Triton Elementary 2011 school year, our absentee rate had dropped 20%. And, by the end of school year 2011, the absentee rate declined further ,signaling an additional 10% reduction. During our last two years, Triton’s absentee rate has dropped to under 5%. And, as we expected, we have also seen great results in the teaching staff’s absenteeism. We are convinced the effectiveness of PURADIGM Technology’s HVAC Units is a major game changer for our school. I highly recommend PURADIGM for all school systems

Rich Anders, Triton Community Schools

My Puradigm Zone air purifier has been a game changer in my 4th grade classroom. I rotate three classes of about 20 students in and out of my room daily, so clean air is very important to help us cut down on the spreading of germs between classes. Not only has it put my mind at ease about germs spreading, I can actually SEE the difference in attendance. During the Covid pandemic, my students generally stayed healthy compared to other classrooms that didn’t have this purifier. If a student tested positive, it did not knock out large numbers of students like in other rooms. My students also used WAY less facial tissue than in prior years because we had a lot less runny noses. It also helps with the after recess smells. There is a noticeable difference in how fresh the air in my room is with the purifier running. I will be using my Puradigm for years to come in my classroom!

Erin - Arkansas

The day after we installed the PURADIGM units, the coaches noticed how fresh and clean the air in the locker room was. All levels of mold and bacteria were significantly reduced. In some cases the number of mold spores were literally reduced to zero.

University of Louisville Athletic Department

At Westin Desert Willow Villas, we always look for innovative products and companies to help us provide the highest quality and safety for our staff and customers. We are thrilled to have installed the PURADIGM COOL products in our food service areas to help us achieve the highest standards and be innovators in the food safety and hospitality industry. Food Safety is our highest concern so we installed the PURADIGM COOL product in the walk-in coolers for our restaurants. We noticed tremendous benefits that included increased shelf life of our produce, meats, and seafood and increased freshness of our food precuts. Our restaurant staff has been very pleased with the benefits received. We have been extremely pleased with the PURADIGM products, and are excited about the benefits they will provide for both our staff and customers for years to come. At my previous property I installed PURADIGM in all my walk-ins and ice machines. We had great success with it there.

Aeacus Schwemmer, Director of Engineering - The Westin Desert Willow Villas

We just wanted you to know that the machines have done an amazing job of halting our mold problem. We have almost no mold in our greenhouses and considering the recent weather, our greenhouses should be covered in mold... All that to say, thank you. The Puradigm machines have been a game changer.

Archi’s Acres

By installing Puradigm in our grow space, we saw a 75% reduction in total spore counts and an end to our microbial pathogen problem. In addition to preventing mold, we also control odor and prevent any bacteria from entering our rooms. We will be installing Puradigm in all of our greenhouses as well as drying and curing rooms.

Spencer Rogerson, VP Greenhouse Operations - Green Freedom

I wanted to share our experience so far with the units. Overall we could not be happier. Overall health in both rooms appears to be significantly better; smell outside of the building has been GREATLY decreased with no observable loss of terpenes on the product. Based on state of Washington microbial testing we have seen our numbers on average drop from the 2000-5000 CFU range to 0-800 CFU’s. Our one strain we were having some issues with late flower bud rot has been completely eliminated. There seems to be a freshness in the building that makes it much more pleasant to work in.

Joshua Andersen - SKöRD Marijuana

I have 5 flower rooms. 4 have Puradigm units in them. One does not. 60 days after I put them in the rooms that had consistent PM (powdery mildew), I haven’t had PM or bud rot since. The flower room that didn't have PURADIGM has had intermittent periods of bud rot

Jon Youngblood - Youngblood Farms

I wanted to tell you how delighted we are to have had the opportunity to work with Puradigm. We implemented the Puradigm GROW units in the mother and clone areas of our cultivation. The units have been running 24/7 and the pre-harvest microbial and aerobic levels tested ten times below the threshold for MMJ production in Nevada. In our heavily regulated industry, Puradigm aids us in upholding the highest compliance standards possible. I feel Puradigm is one of the necessary tools to help cultivators be more successful in the MMJ/Agriculture world. Since we installed our units, I have had numerous inquires about other cultivations acquiring Puradigm in their respective facilities. We will be installing more units into the vegetative area in the coming weeks. Thanks to everyone at Puradigm. Keep up the amazing work!

Jeremy Youness, Director of Cultivation - Thrive Cannabis Marketplace

It has been extremely helpful to utilize the Puradigm Technology and their design and engineering expertise to help us achieve our goal to create a “world class” cannabis cultivation facility.

Demetri Kouretas, CEO - The Grove Indoor Growing

Based on our results, I am convinced that the Technology should be used by every Indoor Grower as part of a complete QA program. I have not encountered another technology that can reduce microbial levels as effectively while maintaining the integrity of the product

Dr. Darryl Hudson PhD, President & Chief Research Scientist - D.O.C Solutions


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