Jun 09, 2022

How Air Purifiers are Effective to Protect Against COVID-19?

How Air Purifiers are Effective to Protect Against COVID-19
Say the words “air pollution” and most would immediately think of the air outside their residential and commercial properties. However, the emergence of COVID-19 has put a spotlight directly on various airborne pollutants that can affect the quality of air you breathe indoors on a daily basis. Viral transmission via HVAC systems has become a hot topic item in the same way second-hand smoke in the workplace was a hot topic item in previous years. It’s a major reason why more homeowners and business managers are taking action and purchasing a COVID-19 air purifier.

Coronavirus Surface Decontamination as Important as Scrubbing the Air

In the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic the fear of contracting the illness from surfaces was as much a reality as contracting it by breathing it in. Poor air quality in any space aided in the rapid transmission of the virus, which quickly gave rise for the need to install an air purifier for delta variant reduction measures. The truth is, the air people are breathing in buildings was in crisis mode long before the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic; indoor air pollution has become a major environmental and public health challenge in cities and towns across the world. Old, inefficient HVAC systems and poor air monitoring are just two of the reasons why installing a COVID-19 air purifier in public spaces has become not just a good idea but a necessary one. Poor air quality is a leading cause of many health issues including heart disease, pneumonia, stroke, diabetes, and lung cancer. Dust, pollen, mold, toxic fumes, and other gases are just a few of the nefarious airborne contaminants that affect human lives in both residential and commercial spaces.

It’s becoming quite apparent that more attention needs to be paid to the air quality inside as much as the air pollution driving health and climate issues outside. That’s where PURADIGM® comes in.

Install Top Quality COVID-19 Air Purifier Systems to Protect Your Indoor Air

Professional grade air purifiers and filtration systems from PURADIGM® are designed for residential spaces as well as commercial and industrial uses like warehouses. The PURADIGM® system can attack and remove all airborne contaminants as well as those that have settled on surfaces. This is vitally important for any virus that can be spread through the air or picked up off contaminated surfaces. All the air inside a residential or commercial work place flows through the system to become instantly purified. PURADIGM® systems attack pathogens and contaminants in the air, on walls, on counters, on floors, and on machinery and equipment. In truth, all the air in an indoor space serviced by a COVID-19 air purifier flows through the system to become instantly purified. That includes variants of RNA viruses like COVID-19, along with bacteria, mold, mildew and other pollutants that can affect air quality.

The benefits of installing such industry-leading systems as PURADIGM® are well documented. Take steps to ensure the safest air quality possible. Learn more about the quality of PURADIGM® products.