Jun 10, 2022

How Hotels Can Provide Cleaner Air for Their Guests?

Air Purifier For Hotels

The restrictions related to travel around the world continue to loosen. As a result, more people are looking at travel opportunities, with almost half considering domestic travel destinations rather than international. Travellers do remain cautious, however, which means it’s a good time for organizations in the hospitality industry to take proactive steps by adding air purifiers for hotels.

Improve the Air Quality in Your Location with a Restaurant Air Purifier

Air quality inside buildings has become a major concern for property managers looking to address concerns about airborne viruses and contaminants. An air purifier for restaurants or air purifier for hotels is simply a smart investment. With the volume of individuals coming through the doors, now with no mask mandate or required proof of immunization, protecting guests is of utmost importance. With a PURADIGM system added into the HVAC components, restaurant and hotel managers can be assured that the air is purified, and surfaces are free from residual viruses.

People with respiratory conditions like asthma and allergies will certainly appreciate any and all effort hotels and restaurants take to clean the air and eliminate threats from surfaces. These can include things like ozone, dust, nitrogen dioxide, and other airborne particulates that can flow throughout the hotel duct systems. Bacteria and mold are constant threats; so too are microscopic organisms like dust mites in carpets, pillows and mattresses. While tobacco smoke is not the issue it once was, there’s no guarantee someone in the room previously hadn’t lit up a cigarette. All these things can be mitigated through use of a top-quality air purifier for hotels and restaurants.

Customers in hotels have a right to clean air. Incorporating air purifiers is a selling feature for potential visitors. Imagine booking a hotel that champions the cleanest air circulation possible. This can be accomplished with help from Puradigm, manufacturers of multiple different units include air purifiers for hotels.

Do the Testing, Then Get the Right Unit

Understanding the quality of air in your hotel or restaurant requires initial testing. Simple tests for mold and mildew should be standard protocol. However, implementing more comprehensive testing is vital to knowing how compromised your air quality might be. Air test companies could be contracted to do a thorough analysis of the air. Older hotels may have insulation that is no longer up to code. No matter how you do it, air testing is a great way to get the data you need to justify the air purifier you should purchase. Once you have the measurements of air quality, you can reach out to PURADIGM® to determine the best system for your needs.

PURADIGM® offers a complete system of proactive air and surface purification solutions for commercial use. Whether you have a boutique hotel or a 3,000 unit five-star destination hotspot, putting the systems in place designed to purify the air and remove contaminants is important. Such systems have been validated by multiple sources and independent testing, so you can trust the results.