Aug 23, 2022

Importance of an Air and Surface Purifier in Offices

How Air Purifiers are Effective to Protect Against COVID-19In a busy office environment where a variety of people have a variety of cleaning standards, it’s not so easy to ensure people are working in a bacteria and germ-free environment. For that reason, it’s important for companies to invest in quality products that provide air and surface purification.

Air and Surface Purifiers – a One-Two Punch for Healthy Offices

Depending on the size of an office, there are different protocols in place to keep it relatively clean. Some companies delegate the job on a rotating basis to different departments; other companies hire cleaning services to come in during off hours to clean. Regardless of the method, there are usually chemical disinfectants and other toxic cleaning supplies involved. These can not only contaminate the air but also leave transferable residue behind on surfaces. Installation of an air disinfection purifier is usually the best way to ensure germs, allergens, odours and toxins are removed from the air and from surfaces. Air and surface purification is vital to providing the best possible air inside an office environment, which can be at risk to multiple issues like those outlined here:

Company Kitchens Can Be a Breeding Ground

Commercial kitchens have the potential for a high-risk of harmful bacteria forming in a kitchen that’s not meticulously cleaned. Office kitchens don’t always have watchdogs to ensure people clean up after themselves. There are many office kitchens with mouldy items in the fridge, splattered microwaves and toaster-ovens covered in debris, not to mention residue in sinks. These are places where salmonella and legionella can form. Only a unit that can offer effective air and surface purification is suitable for environments where microorganisms and airborne contaminants are regularly present.

Allergy Sufferers Can Benefit from Purification

Workers who wear too much perfume, highly scented hairspray and deodorant, or who regularly take cigarette breaks are hard enough for allergy sufferers to deal with. Add in an office full of mould, dust mites, pollen, dander, microfibres, air fresheners, and other scents and you have a work environment that can be highly toxic and affect breathing. An air disinfection purifier is a great investment for such a space.

Help Clean the Air Clean

Depending on what kind of office you work in the air can become quite heavy with odours. Perhaps it’s a consequence of production, or perhaps it’s just the scent of someone’s lunch. Regardless of the origin, lingering odours can be a problem. Taking the steps necessary to have the air cleaned and purified throughout the time period when workers are present is simply good management. People tend to work better when they’re not choking on air full of pollutants or contaminants.

Reduce the Risk of Recontamination

As people move about the work-space they can carry with them germs or bacteria from other areas in the building. Using a powerful air and surface purification system is key to reducing such reoccurring germs.