Aug 17, 2022

Top Tips to Maintain a GreenHouse’s Air Quality for Better Cultivation

GreenhousePreventing bacteria, fungi and spores from taking hold is a risk in commercial greenhouse operations and residential grow rooms regardless of the crop. With more companies now growing cannabis, it’s vital to the health of the plants to ensure top quality plants are grown free of such crop-destroying elements. Ensuring the climate is ideal for growing such plants is only part of the solution. Another step important to cultivation, manufacturing and processing is the presence of a top-quality air purifier for grow rooms.

Greenhouse Air Filtration Is Vital to Producing Healthy Plants

Installing a grow room air purifier from a top-quality manufacturer like Puradigm is a smart way to ensure your growing environment is a healthy one. Here are some other tips that can help to create a healthy greenhouse for growing cannabis and other cash crops.

  • Know What Needs to Be Removed from the Air

Fungal spores can have a significant impact on your crops. So can salmonella or E.coli. Before you invest in a huge system and start your filtration process, it’s good to know what it is you hope to remove from the air and surfaces of your greenhouse. Different filters can remove different spores. The best way to reduce and mitigate the issue is to identify the problem.

  • Proper Airflow Volume Helps Plants Grow

You don’t need an air purifier that blows enough air to float a jumbo jet. Pushing too much air through the filters creates too much airflow, which could actually reduce the effectiveness of the filtration process. All the germs are getting pushed through too fasts to actually get filtered out. Make sure you have the right sized unit for the job at hand.

  • High Humidity Can Be a Problem

Air containing too much humidity can cause issues with filters. Dehumidifying the air before it cycles through a filter can help reduce humidity levels and extend the life of your filters. Dehumidifiers can be a great complement to an air purifier for grow rooms.

  • Keep Your Filters Clean

Regularly replacing filters is key to having purified air. Clogged filters as a result of too much humidity or too many particles logged in the filter can reduce efficiency. A cannabis grow room needs to be monitored to ensure the greenhouse air filtration systems is functioning properly.
For maximum efficiency, get the best possible air purification and filtration system. Look for Puradigm to ensure your greenhouse air is at its best.