Jul 04, 2022

Achieve Quality Air in Commercial Buildings

How Air Purifiers are Effective to Protect Against COVID-19Ensuring the health of employees and guests entering and/or working in commercial buildings is vital for companies who believe in active risk management. Keeping the quality of the indoor air circulating through the building to a high standard is one of the most important ways to do that. Providing people with quality air to breathe helps improve comfort, safety, efficiency and contributes to overall health. It’s a good reason to consider an air purifier for janitorial services.

Plan an Air Purifier Project for Your Commercial Building.

Improving commercial building air quality involves more than the installation of a janitorial air purifier and regular HVAC system maintenance. In an era marked by COVID-19 and fears over transmission of other potentially harmful viruses, there are other additional steps that can be taken to improve indoor air quality. For example:

  • Improve overall ventilation. This seems like an obvious tactic to improve airflow through a building. However, it still requires clean air to be circulated. Bringing clean outdoor air into the interior of your commercial space can be easily done through use of economizers, which supplement mechanical cooling with fresh air to improve efficiency. Simple things like opening windows that can be opened as permitted can also do wonders for bringing in clean outdoor air. Conducting a full analysis of your ventilation system may be necessary to ensure it’s up to code and working properly. Trying to provide cleaner indoor air by bringing in outdoor air full of pollutants and contaminants is not a good solution.
  • Maintaining your HVAC system to optimum levels. This requires more than just a regular change of the filters. Regular checkups on HVAC components is equally important to ensure the system doesn’t become contaminated with dust and pollutants. Adding an air purifier for janitorial services is also a great way to boost the effectiveness of your HVAC system to provide cleaner ventilation of filtered air.
  • Remove the things that are causing pollution. No one would construct a wall using asbestos anymore, but that doesn’t mean everything being used inside the interior of a commercial building is contaminant free. Enhancing your air quality requires companies to take a closer look at what’s sending particulates into the air. Are there gas stoves or burners inside the building? Are there machines that create tiny dust particles that get circulated? Are there organics that could find their way into the airflow? Removing these items using an air purification system is a good first step to having cleaner air.
  • General cleanliness is helpful. Whether it’s reducing things in the air or cleaning all surfaces where contaminants may gather, regular cleaning is vitally important to the air quality of a building. Cleaning and sanitizing on a regular basis using antiseptic solutions is a simple way to reduce the presence of dust and bacteria that can cause health issues. Establishing a policy throughout the entire building to ensure regular disinfection is part of building maintenance is critical.

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