Jul 04, 2022

Take Control of Your Apartment’s Air & Reduce the Chances of Health Issues

Air Purifiers for ApartmentsApartment living has many advantages for people not ready for the burden of home ownership. One of the primary disadvantages is the lack of control apartment dwellers have over the quality of their indoor air. Whether it’s the ventilation system servicing the building, the design that affects airflow, or the pollutants put into the air by the actions of other tenants, apartment air quality is usually hard for the individual to manage. It’s one of the reasons why smart tenants seek to use the best air purifier for apartment use.

What Are the Pollutants That Most Affect Apartment Air Quality?

The benefit of using an air purifier for small apartments is it helps reduce the indoor air pollutants that circulate through the HVAC system while providing the apartment in which its located with a flow of clean purified air. Here’s a few of the common air pollutants that make an air purifier for small apartments a useful addition:

  • Smoke. You might not be a smoker, but that doesn’t stop others in the building from lighting up whether they’re smoking cigarettes, cigars, or cannabis. If you do smoke, the lingering scent of tobacco can attach itself to multiple surfaces from curtains to linens. A good air purifier for apartments smells should have an exception filter than can be regularly and easily replaced so it’s circulating clean air free of tobacco and smoke smells.
  • Scents and odours. Have you ever climbed into an elevator with a person wearing way too much perfume or cologne? Multiple different scents and smells often circulate through the HVAC system of an apartment complex. Someone could have burned their dinner. Someone else could have boiled a 10-pound bag of onions. Trash bags tossed in a garbage chute can create scents that waft through the building. Perhaps your own apartment is a source of odour from pets or activities in your apartment. Eliminating the source of the odours is the first step; using an air purifier for small apartments is also important.
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). You have no control over what other people store in their apartments, and VOCs can be a major contributor to airborne chemical pollutants circulating through the apartment’s ventilation. VOCs include things like strong chemical-based cleaning supplies, cans of paints or aerosol products, even newly purchased or refinished furniture. All of these items can emit particulates into the air and affect the qualify of air you’re breathing.
  • Mold and other allergens. An aging apartment complex that houses old plumbing can be a breeding ground for mold that can send spores through the entire building. Kitchens and bathrooms are notorious locations for mold growth in old apartments or even in new ones where leaks can go undetected by maintenance crews. Allergens can also be a major problem for people living in close proximity to others in a complex. Someone may have an apartment full of cats on another floor; that dander can make its way through the HVAC system into your apartment. The best air purifier for apartment use would be one that can immediately mitigate the impact of such tiny airborne pollutants on your breathing.
  • Unknown viruses. COVID-19 has made us all acutely aware of the potential impact of airborne viruses on personal health. To protect yourself from potentially unknown viruses that may be circulating through your apartment, searching for the best air purifier for viruses is a smart strategy. Look for one that offers maximum removal of airborne particulates and also has the capacity to remove bacteria from all surfaces. Some viruses can live on surfaces and cause transmission of a virus without breathing it.

How to Choose the Best Air Purifier for Apartments

There are many factors that affect the choice of air purifier that would be best suited for apartment living. These include the following:

  • The entire footprint of your apartment. Size matters when it comes to the best air purifier for small apartments. Knowing the square footage prior to purchasing is critical to ensure your air purifier has the capacity to properly filter the air in the unit. Air purifiers will have a recommended room size, so pay attention to the specs on any purifier you may be considering. Where you place that air purifier is also an important factor. In an apartment with many walls and obstacles, placing a filter in a back bedroom may not result in the best filtration in other rooms.
  • Proper model. Every manufacturer of air purifiers has a number of different models available. Some may be best for commercial or industrial use; some are designed specifically for residential use. Others come with specific features that may or may not be necessary in your apartment. Are you living alone or do you have multiple people in the apartment? Are there pets? Do you cook extravagant meals that send scents into the air? All of these factors will impact the type of air purifier you purchase for your apartment.
  • How effective are the filters? An air purifier relies on filtration to purify the air. If the filters contained within the unit aren’t very good then you’ve just wasted your money. Various filters will provide different levels of protections and produce different levels of air purification. Have a good long discussion with any salesperson trying to sell you an air purifier to ensure it does what you need it to do.

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