Jul 04, 2022

How Good Air Quality Helps Patients to Recover Faster?

Air Purifier for Hospitals

In the COVID-19 era it has been more important than ever to maintain clean, disinfected, sterile environments in hospitals, long-term care, and medical facilities. Air quality inside these areas is of paramount importance; curbing the spread of airborne contaminants is vital to patient and employee health especially in hospitals. It’s one of the major reasons why more facilities have upgraded their air purifier for hospital use.

The Importance of Good Air Quality in Hospitals

The simple fact is poor air quality inside a hospital or medical facility can cause the spread of pollutants that can increase patient infections. This can also have a severe impact on the health of employees working in that environment daily. Installing an air purifier for hospital rooms is a critical first step to providing patients with pure air; during a pandemic, a medical grade air purifier for COVID reduction is also an important addition to the systems circulating air throughout the hospital.

Major Sources of Contamination

Patient-borne illnesses are the most obvious cause of contamination and spread of disease-causing pollutants in a hospital. Cleaning materials like chemicals used in all areas of a hospital are another cause, as is the outside air that winds up in hospitals and bringing with it airborne pollutants. Things like vehicle exhaust and diesel fuel from generators seep into hospital environments through emergency doors and multiple entrance ways, compromising the air quality in the building. Hospitals are supposed to have pure air, sterile and clean environments. An air purifier for hospital use is a critical piece of equipment to ensure a constant flow of pure air is circulating at all times.

Impact of Contaminated Air in Hospitals on Patients

No one can fully guarantee that patients are safe in a hospital, but providing a well-ventilated environment where only clean, purified air is circulating is a good starting point. Patients bring diseases into hospitals and may be a source of contaminants; that’s the reality of a hospital. However, it’s the risk caused to patients on all floors that needs to be addressed through use of an air purifier for hospitals. Use of high-grade chemicals to clean patient rooms, operating rooms, emergency wards, waiting rooms, and other areas can create toxic gases that wind up circulating through the hospital. All of these can compromise patient health, especially those who may have breathing issues. Only through a concerted effort to maintain high levels of air quality can patients be secure and protected from potential airborne threats.

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